Vendor Spotlight: Pegged By Grace

Marie Bolton, of Pegged By Grace, started making small wooden toys out of frustration. She was tired of all the plastic superhero toys and wanted a more natural alternative. But they didn’t exists – so she decided to make them herself. And boy are we glad she did!

Marie says of her process:

I am constantly getting new ideas for peg dolls – I keep a running list on my fridge door. My friends request a certain peg, or I start daydreaming about what a peg could be, and off I go!  Sometime I sketch my ideas on paper, but more often I just draw them out on the peg, and start painting. The first time I paint a particular design, I tinker with the color combinations, trying to get it just right. On one set of pegs I painted, I had seven different colors on the skirt before I was finally happy. When the paint is dry, they each get two coats of varnish, take place in a photo shoot, and off they go to a happy new home! 

Not only are these little guys fun and all-natural, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake to pass on.