Vendor Roundup: RawJawBone Graphics and Red Prairie Press

We’re so close to the big event that I can almost taste the beer!

To get you even more excited we have to awesome vendors to highlight tonight, RawJawBone Graphics and Red Prairie Press.
RawJawBone Graphics says of his work:

When I create art, the first thing I want to do is make the 13 yr old kid inside of me (who is currently locked up in a 36 yr old body)look up and say “AWESOME!” I like my art to have the big and bold effect of the comic books, cartoons and video games that inspired me. When I grew older, I gained my inspiration from movies, books and of course art (ancient and modern).

His work pops with color and eye-catching graphics. I bet you’d turn a few heads with an octopus like this on your shirt:

Next up we have another screen printer and designer: Red Prairie Press. Red Prairie Press is an eco-friendly operation that uses water based inks to print her adorable hand-drawn designs. 
For the cat lover in your life (I’m sure you know at least one).
The range of clothing at this year’s Spring Bada-Bing is outstanding! We hope you’re just as excited as us and don’t forget to rsvp to our Facebook Event!