Vendor Roundup: Hawks and Doves, Neogranny, and Clockwork Gears!

First up on tonight’s vendor round up: Hawks and Doves from Durham, NC. Jessica comes from a long line of women that make and craft. And boy does it show! She turns beautiful vintage feed sacks into pillows and bags. But she doesn’t stop there – she turns any leftover scraps into appliques for onesies!

What could be more locally made?!

Next we have Neogranny and her delightfully, retro jewelry. I’m personally in love with the lucky diver necklace but each one of these pieces are little pieces of art. She combines vintage graphics and a modern aesthetic to create quirky pieces with personality all their own.

Oh man – and last but not least – Clockwork Gears. Richmonders – we know you love bikes and we know you’re going to love these guys.  What started out as a way to make t-shirts they would want to wear, turned into a collective of cycle-centric designs with a sense of humor for everyone. 
Squirrel on a bike!