Vendor Highlight – Sweet Cheeks All Natural

Handmade Holiday is right around this corner! We are expecting this year to be our biggest show yet. The event is now two days, which allows us to feature more makers than ever before. Between now and Dec 3rd we plan to highlight some of our amazing artists. Check back daily!

Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday – at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

December 3rd 12pm-7pm

December 4th 12pm – 5pm 

Meet Sweet Cheeks! You can find her at Handmade Holiday on December 3rd…


How did you get started making your product?

My son had eczema. Nothing I could find worked so I started making my own products.

What is your most popular product? Why do you think it’s so popular?

Solid lotion bar. Because it will change your skin and it smells like chocolate so it is a total win win.

Are you debuting any new products this holiday season?

Yes a bunch actually. We are debuting are new line of essential oil candles, room spray and incense.


What drives you to continue making? Who/what is your inspiration?

I think my customers. They are always presenting a cool ideas of products they would like and want to see if I can make it. Also I am a little addicted to blending the essential oils, so

Of all of your products which is your favorite to make and why?

The solid lotion bar. I think because it is the product I make that I use most personally and I know how much customers love it, so it makes me happy.


How do you spend your downtime?

Playing on facebook, laying in the hammock or doing homework with kids.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Decorating the Christmas tree. Each year we get one special ornament as family. It always fun to unpack them and talk about why we chose what we did or why we love it.