Vendor Highlight – S. Tector Metals

Spring Bada Bing is less than two weeks away! We will be highlighting two vendors a day until the big day so you have the chance to get to know some of the awesome makers who will be with us at the show.

Richmond Craft Mafia’s Spring Bada Bing – at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

April 29th 10am-5pm

Meet Sarah Tector from S. Tector Metals! 

S Tector Metals 4

How did you get started making your products?

While at art school I took metal design as an elective. Two weeks in I was hooked.

How long have you been making your products?

I have been a metalsmith for 24 years.

Do you have any new products debuting this Spring?

I try to push and evolve my work on a regular basis. I am bringing new forms, shapes, and a collaborative series as well.

S Tector Metals 3

Tell us about your process.

Designing usually starts with drawing or cutting paper these days. Quite frequently new ideas come to mind while working on current pieces; shifting a thin bar of wire or folded a sheet of metal a different way.

Do you have any long term goals for your business?

Honestly as long as it keeps making me happy to do what I do I will keep doing it as long as I can; financial stability is always helpful too : )

Of all of your products what is your favorite and why?

To pick a favorite piece would depend on what part of my brain I am in on a given day. I switch from linear wire work, to hammering sheet metal into tubes & pods, to hand carving wax for castings, to scoring and folding aluminum sheet, and back again.

S Tector Metals 2

What is your most popular product? Why do you think it’s so popular?

With their sculptural, geometric, and linear forms my sterling silver and gold filled pieces get them most attention.

Which of your products is most time consuming to make and why?

One of a kind work always usually requires the longest amount of time as the first time you make a piece takes longer than each successive time you create it.

How much time do you typically spend making each product?

It depends on the piece. With production work you can usually create 20-40 pieces at a time as these involve designs you have worked with frequently. With limited edition, one of a kind, or custom work you can need longer while figuring out the end piece.

S Tector Metals 1

What drives you to continue making? Who/what is your inspiration?

Curiosity….what can I do with these materials today. Great design in any form is very inspirational; architecture, shoes, nature….

Tell us about your most memorable day as a maker?

I still remember the moment that I decided being a metalsmith for the rest of my life would be an amazing way to spend it.

What is your favorite thing to do in Richmond?

Visit my sister : )