Vendor Highlight – Katie Crawford Art

Spring Bada Bing is just around the corner! We are so excited for this year’s show. We believe it will be one of our best yet! We have incredibly talented makers taking part in Spring Bada Bing and we wanted our customers to have the opportunity to get to know them a little bit better, so we will be highlighting several of them between now and the big day. Check back daily!

Richmond Craft Mafia’s Spring Bada Bing – at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

April 21st 11am-6pm

Meet Katie from Katie Crawford Art

How long have you been making your products?

I have been a watercolor artists for about 7 years now and a needle felted for a little over a year.

Do you have any new products debuting this Spring?

I have started working on illustrations for a book! While there is still a long way to go I have developed some characters that I am excited to share with the world!

What drives you to continue making? Who/what is your inspiration?

I am inspired and driven to share joy. It’s easy to complain, it’s easy to point out problems. But I want to offer solutions and different perspectives to give people moments to appreciate what is around them.

What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome with your business?

Moving my business multiple times because of my husband’s job. It’s very hard to put in the work to develop a local client base and then have to leave. While the internet helps to keep people engaged something is lost online. But while the moves are hard, every place we have been has brought me into contact with wonderful people I would never have met otherwise. So it’s a double edged sword.

How do you spend your downtime?

Making more things.

Do you have any pets?

Two dogs who are continual sources of inspiration.