Vendor Highlight – ADKnits

Handmade Holiday is right around this corner! We are expecting this year to be our biggest show yet. The event is now two days, which allows us to feature more makers than ever before. Between now and Dec 3rd we plan to highlight some of our amazing artists. Check back daily!

Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday – at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

December 3rd 12pm-7pm

December 4th 12pm – 5pm 

Meet AdKnits! You can find her at Handmade Holiday on both days of the show…

adknits04How did you get started making your product?

I learned to knit when I was about seven years old but became more serious about it when I was in college… mostly because I was broke and went the DIY route on Christmas gifts. Sophomore year, everyone in my family got a sweater. They were all super-ugly and, not surprisingly, nobody ever wore them. Back then, finding good patterns was hard because there weren’t a lot of online resources, so I started designing my own and then eventually began selling my designs online.

What is your most popular product? Why do you think it’s so popular?

At shows, my most popular products are the little bows I make. The first one I made was a little bowtie for my son when he was a toddler and I discovered it was a great way to use up my leftover scrap yarn. I think people like them because I usually have a wide variety of colors and they’re not a huge financial commitment. Also, they’re adorable.


Of all of your products which is your favorite to make and why?
I like designing mittens the best. Mittens were one of the first things I designed on my own and knitted, and tend to be where I have my most creative ideas.
What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome with your business?
Learning to self-promote! I’m really quite introverted and shy, so sharing aspects of my life and work over social media and the internet requires me to step way out of my comfort zone. I’ve had to push myself to put my work out there. It’s still hard, but I think I’m getting better at it. After all, I managed to complete this interview, right?
What makes your product different than other similar projects?
A lot of knitters use acrylic yarn or acrylic blends because it’s cheaper, but I only use 100% wool in my work. Wool makes all the difference! Synthetic fibers don’t breathe and have an awful plastic texture to them. Wool, though, is magic! It breathes, and naturally regulates your body’s temperature and moisture levels. It’s biodegradable, renewable, and the texture is infinitely better than acrylic! So, though my materials might cost a bit more, for me, using natural higher-quality materials is worth it.
How do you spend your downtime?
Would it be weird if I said knitting? I rarely get to knit for myself or my family, so often taking a break from work-knitting to do some fun-knitting is what I do to relax. Besides knitting, I like spending time with my family and getting outside.