Sponsor Spotlight: World of Mirth

If you have never been to World of Mirth, you need to go very soon. Like right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Ok, are they gone? Jeez, what kind of rock were those people living under, right? World of Mirth is the most awesome place in town! How could they have never been? Did you know World of Mirth is 20 years old this year? How have they thrived for so long in a town that eats local businesses for breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch?

Because World of Mirth more than just a toy store. It’s a cannonball into the deep-end of the happy pool. It’s a trip to a magical fairy-land full of designer plush and punching nuns. They have toys for actual children and toys for those of us who act like children. Fancy designer toys and simple, beautiful wooden toys.

Okay, for those of you who didn’t leave at the top of the post, go to World of Mirth now. Shop. Buy awesome things. Shoo. Away with thee.