SBB Vendor Spotlight: GIFT IT!

It’s almost time for Gifting Season! Moms, dads, grads, weddings, babies… life is full of reasons to be nice to other people. And then you should reward yourself for being so nice by snagging a gift for yourself. No takesies backsies required!


Praxium Press: On our honeymoon, my husband kept a little journal of what we did, where we went, and what we ate. I LOVE reading back through it all these years later. Snag one of these for the newlyweds you’re shopping for, it’s way cuter than the plain black one we used.



Tasha McKelvey: Science has proven giftees love Tasha’s pottery. You shouldn’t argue with science.



Inside out by Irina: Cashmere, wool, and silk get a new life. You get a new skirt. Win/Win.



Clara Works: Perfect hangables and cardables (this is now a word.) I particularly love this one for someone either leaving or newly arrived in the Old Dominion.



Anykind: Hair bows are just the sweetest little thing, aren’t they?



Sweet Cheeks All Natural: All the glow-inducing body lotions and potions, specially formulated for even the most sensitive skin.



S. Tector Metals: Bronze is the new gold. Or silver. I forget what the old hotness was, cuz the new hotness is so gorgeous. Your wrist looks very bare right now, doesn’t it? We can fix that.



Maslo Jewelry: You know what? Actually… let’s be bold and mix our metals. These necklaces from Nicole are just stunning.



Terrariums by Rich: perennial fave vendor among our shoppers, and if you treat your terrarium nicely (which isn’t hard at all) they’ll last as long as perennials.



Juniper Bay Metals: These stacked their way right into my heart. Talk about a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Or your BFF. Or your own right hand.



cameraSHY: Why give flowers that will die next week, when you can give flowers that will last forever and can be worn around town?



If you didn’t find SOMETHING in this list to give away (or keep) I don’t know what to tell you. Except come shop for yourself! We can’t wait to see you this Saturday! Let us know you’ll be there: RSVP here!