PAPABEAR, OLD MAN, POPS: gifts for radical dads

I think dads sometimes get the shaft on holidays. I know, it’s SO HARD to shop for them. (Seriously, dads out there: if you have an idea for a gift, for the love of Santa’s elves will you please just tell your kids already?) Anyways, I’m getting off track. The RCM members worked hard to curate a well rounded show, meaning we’ve got some freaking awesome gifts for all kinds of hard to shop for daddios:

AZIZ LIGHT APOTHECARY: Guys, beards and mustaches are IN. Your dad probably rocked one in the 70’s and hopefully he’s still sporting the scruff. Help him keep that hair well groomed with Aziz Light Apothecary’s handmade goodness.

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HELM & CRAFT: every dad deserves to carry some luxurious leather with him on a daily basis

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JOIN OR DIE KNIVES: Handcrafted knives might be the coolest gift on planet Earth. Your dad will never forget the awesomeness of this present.












CASEY FREEMAN: Modern and beautiful ceramics for sharing a meal with the family. Pair this with a promise to bring a growler full of beer. You can’t go wrong.

IMG_8294 IMG_8351


NEST HOME: I think every dad secretly wishes he was a carpenter. Nest Home makes incredible wood frames and other house items for dads to swoon over.













PHOENIX HANDCRAFT: Rustic and recycled goods by Phoenix Handcraft will impress any dad with good taste

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RVA COFFEE STAIN: A sense of humor. It’s definitely one my favorite things about my dad! Witty prints by RVA Coffee Stain are always a good choice

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TURNERBOTS: Because dads like robots. ‘Nuff said.

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See you tomorrow for gifts for the special someone in your life!