Introducing Our New Members: Montrose Stitchery

This summer Richmond Craft Mafia proudly accepted four new businesses into our membership and we could not be more excited to have them on board!

Next up, we would like to introduce Emily Monroe of Montrose Stitchery:


What do you make?
Accessories for cyclists and helpful goods for folks that travel on two wheels

Without giving away trade secrets, what is special about how you make what you make?
A lot of my wares were spun from my own need for a similar item, so I get to test out everything before it goes into bigger production. I get to refine and revise items based on the way they perform when I use them, which is really important to me.

How long have you been a maker?
I come from a long line of very crafty people, but I started officially selling items on Etsy back in 2008.

Where do you sell your wares?
My items are available locally at Richmond Recycles, Cyclus, Carytown Bicycles, and soon at Outpost Richmond.

Where do you make your stuff? What’s your favorite thing about your space?
I have a lovely studio in Church Hill, I love the roll-up garage doors for spring and fall days. The shop dogs are also extra cute and helpful 😉

Tell us about your inspiration…
In the early 2000s I got my first Italian Moped, a 1977 Minarelli Safari. The adventures I had with my local club spawned a great personal need for accessories that were easy to pack on a bike but super helpful on the road. Moped friends would visit from out of town and get excited about the goods I made, so I started making them for other people as well. The Montrose Stitchery really grew from there!

What’s your favorite/least favorite things about being a maker?
I love learning new things! My favorite challenges from clients push me to rethink the way I make things or use my tools, its so important to keep growing your skillset! I’m terrible with deadlines, but there isn’t much else that I would count as a least favorite thing.

Favorite handmade gift you’ve ever been given and/or best handmade thing you’ve ever bought?
I love all the handmade goods I own, using them or wearing them reminds me of the person that made them and its delightful. I do have one favorite though, a ring in particular that a friend in Louisville made from a stamped dime.

Favorite Muppet?
Who doesn’t love Kermit?!? But Animal is a close second.