Introducing our new members: Awl Snap Leather Goods

This summer Richmond Craft Mafia proudly accepted four new businesses into our membership and we could not be more excited to have them on board!

Next up, we would like to introduce Erin McRoberts of Awl Snap Leather Goods!

What do you make?
Personal leather goods and accessories

Without giving away trade secrets, what is special about how you make what you make?
There’s a lot more that goes in to each of our bags than just leather and thread. As a designer, I want my products to look like a million bucks, and to also function flawlessly as your go-to accessories. Furthermore, each piece is meticulously designed, field tested, and then crafted by hand in our Richmond studio either by myself, or my right-hand woman, Shahana.

How long have you been a maker?
Technically since I was about 5 when I made my mom a “briefcase” out of posterboard. Professionally since 2009.

Where do you sell your wares?
On my website, on my Etsy site , and also at various retail shops and vendor shows across the country.

Where do you make your stuff? What’s your favorite thing about your space?
All of our products are made in our Scott’s Addition studio. We recently outgrew our last space and were lucky enough to stumble upon our newest space which is filled with giant work tables, tons of storage, and electrical outlets for days (best part). Not to mention I get to work next to 7 other growing businesses on a daily basis- can’t beat that.

Tell us about your inspiration…
I am inspired by so many things daily, it’s impossible to pinpoint one source. The art of craft I think was instilled in me at birth from my seamstress mother and woodworking father. Sometimes I’m inspired by a person headed to work on the sidewalk, and other times I’m inspired by a color or texture. And then on occasion I might find a leather I absolutely love and work from there- letting the hide tell me what it should be.

What’s your favorite/least favorite things about being a maker?
The freedom! While being a business owner means that there are so many responsibilities beyond just creating your craft, I value every aspect of it, and the notion that I can literally do what I want, when I want. 🙂

Favorite handmade gift you’ve ever been given and/or best handmade thing you’ve ever bought.
My house is full of handmade product but I’d say two of my favorite things would be a ring from Elaine B Jewelry , and also a set of beautiful prints from RestlessThings on Etsy.