Handmade Holiday 2017 Application Is Live

Hello lovelies!

We are SO happy to see you again! That means it’s time for another RCM show, and we are here to tell you that the Handmade Holiday 2017 app is NOW LIVE. We’re using the same system that we did for Spring Bada-Bing. (You can see a post we wrote last spring about that decision process here.)

Things to know:

  • This is our 13th Handmade Holiday! That’s pretty rad!
  • It’s a 2-day show again this year. It is the first weekend in December, the 2nd and 3rd, and we’re back at Hardywood. Yes, they will be having a beer release on Saturday. TRUST US – this is great for sales.
  • On Saturday, we will open at 10am for an Early Bird event to benefit our non-profit partner TheatreLAB.
  • On both Saturday and Sunday, the event will be free to everyone from 11am-6pm. You will not be able to leave your booth set up over night, as there will be no on-site security. (We will be closing up the tent walls so no one can get in, but do NOT leave anything valuable inside the tent if you are a 2-day vendor. The tent walls will be clear.)
  • The application for vendors will close at 11:59pm on Monday, October 9th. This is automated in the application system, and we will not be extending the application.
  • The rest of your questions should be answered on the first page of the application, but email us (RVACraftMafia [at!] gmail.com) if we forgot a detail.

A few things have changed, so we wanted to give you a heads up:

  • All of our booths are outside. We’re simply out of room inside. We will all be under two enormous tents (similar to the set up for Spring Bada-Bing last April.) The tents will be heated, and we have increased the amount of lighting that will be used in the tents, and we have swapped out the white side walls for clear-paneled ones.
  • We increased the number of tables we can offer for the show. Since this is a 2-day show, we will be filling half of the show with 2-day vendors, and half with 1-day vendors. We can offer a LOT more people the chance to sell at our show, and it gives us an enticement to lure our shoppers to come both days, since there will be a ton of new vendors.
  • Our booth prices went up. Most of the cause was because our tent costs tripled due to the extra lighting and the clear-paneled walls. All of our shows are budgeted to break even, and none of the organizers earn a penny for our work. Everything that happens to create this show is done on 100% volunteer labor. Our 1-day booths are $100, and our 2-day booths are $180. Our app fee is unchanged at $15.

Now, go forth, crafty children and apply!


ps – Our evergreen blog posts about the application process may be worth a gander:
Decisions, Decisions – a post about how we go through the jury process, and what you can do to help your app rise to the top
The Waiting Game – specifically about what it means to be on our waitlist, but includes even more info about crafting a better app (see what I did there?)