Free business webcast from American Express

American Expess is a global leader in helping small businesses. If you have a small business or are thinking of starting one this webcast is for you!

OPEN from American Express is pleased to present “Standing Out in the Crowd,” a forum dedicated to the art of marketing and how it can help transform your business.

The webcast airs today (November 16th) at 8:00 p.m. EST and is free for anyone who
is interested. Just register at

The event promises to be both lively and enlightening, with Mario Batali
(famed NYC restaurateur), Liz Lange (high-fashion maternity wear) and the
founders of Blue Man Group (you know them) talking about what they’ve done
to stand out. Financial expert, author and TV personality Jean Chatzky
hosts the show.

Viewers will get great insights into subjects like differentiating a
business, creating awareness and demand, and maintaining momentum. They’ll
also be able to interact on-line, submitting questions and comments for
discussion, and participating in real-time polls.

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