A Crafty Crowd

Boy, have we Richmond Craft Mafia women got it going on! We are talented girls from all different walks of life…we have dreads, tatoos, not too sensible shoes, paint under our nails, and a few kids. Some of us live double lives, heading off to the 9-5 world and then perfecting our art in the wee hours of the night. Some of us get to live the dream by attempting (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to earn a living through our craft. Sure, we are all extremely talented, stylish, good looking, and smart, but all these fabulous attributes can only get a girl so far. What a crafty mafia girl really needs is back up, and that’s what we get through this crafty alliance. Crappy craft show? Rejected by the jury? Wannabe ripping your designs? Nobody knows better the sort of gripping anger one feels when a potential customer tosses your prettiest earrings down with a look of distaste and snorts through her snotty little pig nose, “Dangly. Hmmph.” So here’s to you, RCM girls! Thanks for being the voice(s) of reason and support!

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